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      Guangdong Lituo automation equipment Co., Ltd

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      Sales Hotline: 18665717216

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      What should the daily use of the coating machine pay attention to?

      What should be noted for the daily use of the cladding machine? Coating machine price reasonable coating machine manufacturers to tell you about.

      Is a paint coating machine process instead of the past tradition, and has been a machine widely used in the field, but as every kind of machine, it will have its life, some people do not pay attention to maintenance and maintenance may soon be damaged, unable to run, and a good maintenance habits will bring you unexpected structure, may greatly extend the period of use of wrapping machine. Therefore, the maintenance and maintenance of the cladding machine is very important. Then, what should we do to maintain and maintain it?

      1, coating machine manufacturers, coating machine work should keep the phase clean, in order to avoid some dust fall into the system of coating, directly lead to the quality of the coating.

      2, speed reducer lubricating oil coating machine which in use after a month for the first time, should be to replace the lubricating oil for its new, after every six months for a replacement, in the workload stage, every three months to be replaced once a. In summer, when the temperature is relatively hot, you should replace the viscous reducer lubricant. When the temperature is low in winter, you should change the viscosity reducer lubricant. Place the butter in the chain once a month.

      3, after work, you must turn the main power off.

      4, the maintenance of the machine or adjust parts, should be handled by the relevant professional.

      We must pay attention to the use of the process, the operation must be in accordance with the following operating procedures, to correct the operation of the coating machine. In order to avoid damage to the coating machine, resulting in failure, can not work properly.