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      Guangdong Lituo automation equipment Co., Ltd

      Contact: Mr. Zhang

      Sales Hotline: 18665717216

      Telephone: 020-84551179

      Fax: 020-31076026


      Mailbox: zhangging@litou668.com

      URL: www.618swhg.com

      Address: Almond altar town, shunde district, foshan city, GaoZan Village Gao Gui Lucy 2 no. 1 # 3

      About us

      Guangdong Lituo Automation Equipment Co Ltd (referred to as:  Lituo Automation Equipment) is committed to the professional production of various coated composite veneer, special equipment, suitable for building materials, doors and windows, automotive and other industries, Home Furnishing.

      Since its inception, many domestic and foreign customers have chosen us, and have been recognized and praised, thank you very much!

      The company's technical staff of more than more than 10 years working in the industry, the application of various materials, fabric, glue with rich experience, can provide strong technical support for customers, provide a suitable scheme for the selection of the final plan, to provide satisfactory products and services.

      We adhere to the "good faith management, customer service, win-win situation" principle and philosophy, together

      Reliable product quality, and dedication to provide customers with satisfactory service. Adhering to the tenet of "precision, professionalism, reliability and hard work", we are committed to providing customers with facilities and a more comprehensive automation solution.